In The Manawaka Gallery: Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes

Drawn Together is a group of women artists from south western Manitoba. They work in a range of media including ceramics, photography, encaustic, egg-writing, textiles, print, paint, coloured pencil and collage. The group was formed to create a supportive environment for rural and urban women artists at various stages in their careers, and they get together to discuss their practices, collaborate and encourage each other.

Their show “Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes” will be on exhibit in the Manawaka Gallery until April 29.

In The Manawaka Gallery: On The Wind


Members of the Fibre Art Network of Western Canada organization create a wide range of fibre artwork. ‘On the Wind Travelling Exhibit’ is a broad interpretation of the theme ‘On the Wind.’ The exhibit consists of 34 pieces using a wide range of artistic styles and techniques.

On The Wind will be on display in the Manawaka Gallery until March 25.

In the Manawaka Gallery: Reflections of the North

Reflections of the North, a new Touring Exhibition by Kirk Sauer

This narrative collection by accomplished and award-winning artist Kirk Sauer draws on his many years of teaching, painting and recording elements of culture and society of the people of Canada’s north. Illustrating the people of the north, who have resided on the land for generations and their ways of co-existing with nature in their efforts to survive and flourish, this body of art is grounded in the relational trust between community members and the artist. At once educational, entertaining, and insightful, Reflections of the North has the power to engage all ages at a time when many questions are being asked about the north, and when the steadily increasing demands for resource development pose a threat to both the land and its people.

Reflections of the North will be on display in the Manawaka Gallery until January 5, 2016.

Fall 2015 Classes, Performances and Events

Our fall newsletter has landed! Whilst we give the office printer a workout, you can also see a PDF of the entire newsletter here on our website, and of course I’ll be adding all the class information here separately as well and you can check out all the classes under the CLASSES tab at the top, and the events under (events) CALENDAR. We have a jam-packed season coming up, and hopefully there’s a little something for everyone!

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